Esmak was established in 1990 by three machine engineers, which are specialized in bread ovens and dough machinery sector since 30 years, for producing and developing the machinery in bread and pastry sector. Since that day Esmak is shown as one of the biggest and strongest companies in Turkey in its sector.

Esmak gives the best service with over 100 bread ovens and dough machinery products to bakeries, hotels, super markets, canteens, snack bars etc. in all over the world. Esmak is exporting 70% of its goods. Esmak has thousands of clients especially in African Countries, European Countries, Middle East and Turkish Countries and Balkan Countries.

Our future goals are to increase our product types, and developing our existing products and make Esmak a world mark.
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  Bread and Rack Ovens
Our Bread and Pastry Ovens are developed globally competitive for baking proper, hygienic and homogenized quality goods according to the need of your production capacities.
Tubetype Deck
Rotary Ovens
Multideck Ovens
Rack Ovens
Pizza Ovens
  Dough Machines
Our Dough Preparing Machines are at your service in your production process to provide you a hygienic and technological operation.
Dough Kneadding
Dough Trough
Planet Mixer
Spiral Mixer
Flour Sifters
Dough Intermediate Profer
Stale Bread Crumbling
Bread Slicing Machine
Dough Rounder
Dough Divider
Air Conditioner
Divider Rounder
Dough Long Moulder
  Tunnel Ovens
You will produce higher amounts of bread and goods faster and more efficient with our customized "Tunnel Oven Line Projects" prepared by our experts.
ES-TF Stone 2.80/9
ES-TF Stone 2.80/12
ES-TF Stone 2.80/15
ES-TF Stone 2.80/18
ES-TF Stone 2.80/24
ES-TF Stone 2.80/27
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